Forever in a day people are pledging harsh words of criticism against drugs such as marijuana that elude they are the source of addiction and destruction in a person’s life. I know that people can become addicted to using marijuana… BUT it is not marijuana they are addicted to. Let me explain… Tho see marijuana as the source of addiction is to miss the underlying currents that sweep someone into addictive behaviours.

The nature of addiction is not a problem encapsulated within the substance or activity itself, it is merely a function that springs from an individual that is trying to meet emotional needs. They are self-medicating. In its essence, the individual is using a substance to change his/her emotional state. This is usually to move away from pain and to gain pleasure… even if it’s only temporary.

There are many substances and activities that people use to the point of addiction: drugs, television, internet, food, sex, etc. In whichever way the addiction is ‘expressed’ externally (tv, sex, drugs, etc) is just a SYMPTOM of an internal problem. It is a reflection of inner needs not being met. So all of the big boys who stand up to condemn marijuana for being addictive are missing the point. People who are addicted to alcohol are called ‘alcoholics’. Is alcohol addictive? Of course not. Majority of people who drink a glass of wine regularly are not going to become addicted. It’s not the substance that forms the addiction… it is what the individual BRINGS to the substance and how the relationship between both forms. All people in addiction are living a life where certain human needs have not been met or have not been met to the extent that they need to be.

Family dynamics in the last century has shifted considerably. The closeness between majorities of families has been marred. An example is absent mothers or fathers unable to give to the child what it needs. The need for attention, unconditional love, time with parents, etc. is paramount for any child. This creates emotional dysfunction when it is withheld. This is not the only source of dysfunction, but it is one of the main ones.

Whatever the reasons for dysfunction, there is an emotional wound that forms which can lead people to become depressed, have low self-esteem, poor self-images, shame, lack or purpose, co-dependence, etc. To cure any addiction these issues mentioned need to be taken care of. If they are not then the individual will return to the behaviour of addiction, or simply swap one behaviour for another behaviour. All proper and successful addiction programs such as the 12-step programs now this.

So whats going on is that people have psychological dependency on marijuana use and marijuana use in the best dry herb vaporizer. This is when it can possibly turn into a strong addiction and color majority of their life. Because when someone is in this position they just can’t go to the movies, they have to get high then they can go to the movies. They just can’t go out to a club and dance, they have to smoke some weed before they go.They are essentially using it as a coping mechanism to get through life. As I said previously, some people use other coping mechanisms but not weed… even if they’ve smoked weed they still do not become addicted to it… they have other activities they are addicted to.


So instead of focusing on the outside-in, it is really an inside-out job. Many people are addicted to watching TV but there’s a TV in nearly every home in the US. Many people are addicted to alcohol but there’s bars and places to drink alcohol 24/7 all across the US. Many people are addicted to eating food excessively in a way that is harming their well-being… but junk-food is supplied with pride nation-wide.None of these substances are inherently bad in themselves, but neither is marijuana! It is time that the light of truth is finally seen by all people who consider marijuana to be ‘the’ problem of addiction when addiction ‘itself’ is the REAL PROBLEM.

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Contemporary wedding photographers are under pressure to capture The Big Day in all its glory on film. Many couples want pictures that are a combination of formal posed portraits and snapshots of spontaneous moments. If you are in charge of the photos, here are tips for getting the best angle, lighting, timing and making the whole day go smoothly.

Location, location, location.Ask in advance where the ceremony and reception will be taking place. If the ceremony will be in a church, contact the priest, vicar or other minister for any special rules regarding photography inside the church.

How To Take Wedding Photos

Getting the location of the main entrance, the altar and any spots relevant to the ceremony.

Are there any places you are restricted from standing or putting equipment?

Checking the location of windows and doors. You may need them for lighting .

Is flash photography allowed? Would additional lighting be allowed and are there any electrical outlets?

Is there anything you are not allowed to photograph?

Finally, ask if the church representative has any suggestions. They may have seen many wedding pictures, so you can benefit from that expertise.Ask the couple if they want to avoid having the parking lot or cemetery in the background of the photographs. Some brides mind greatly and others believe it is fine.

Take some group shots outside the church.Because everyone in the wedding party is already together, you may want to take a group shot in front of the church. Many couples prefer a shot before or after ascending the stairs going in to the church or leaving as a group. The weather is unpredictable, so getting groups shots while the weather is fair is a great idea.

Photography at the reception venue.As with the church, get the address prior to the date and visit the location. Ask the manager or caretaker for a short tour and ask the same questions as you did at the church. If possible, take pictures of important things like the wedding cake, groom’s cake and the reception tables before the guests arrive to ensure a clear shot.

Have the bride and groom select one member from each of their families to gather family members for formal events, like group shots. A photographer may not be familiar with any relatives, so this is very important. Position people with their faces away from light to reduce glare and squinting eyes. Use the surrounding details like windows and arches, to add soft light to the shot.

How To Take Wedding Photos

Informal shots of the wedding including some of the bride and groom, are often favorites afterward. Try to get pictures of the guests having fun and taking picture themselves. the trick of informal shots is simply do not let the subject know you are there. Keep an eye on the happy couple. If you can capture an intimate moment away from the crowd, you may get the best shot of The Big Day.

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